Virtual Learning

At ‘Brightbridge’, we are heavily engaged with several projects which will ‘concentrate’ minds and efforts for the next few months. 

Two programmes are particularly significant.

One is, developing 12 modules for a leading animal pharmaceutical organisation called Vetoquinol.  Vetoquinol develop, manufacture and market veterinary medicines and non-medicinal products. These are vital for the well-being of animals and indirectly for peoples well-being too.  

It’s a competitive market with a variety of different customer segments including vets, distributors, livestock farmers and pet owners.

We will work closely with this global organisation to produce a series of short videos, toolkits, on-line mini classes and application exercises.  These cover key approaches to improve advanced selling and key account management.  These are being shared with management so they are fully engaged with the associated coaching of their teams and follow through to deliver better results.

For a growing UK engineering group, we are also providing a series of activities relating to long- term planning to increase their growth. From a product orientated approach (the words of their MD) they are seek to take a more ‘rounded’ view with greater emphasis on market and key customer needs.

Whilst of course there has been a requirement for short term actions to cope with COVID and its implications the top team have sensibly and courageously ring-fenced’ a healthy energy to improve tomorrows approaches too.  Together we have segmented the customers and developed a road-map for future development. This will help them accelerate quickly.