Theory into practice. The Power Grid for Focus.

We have recently published through the Association for Key Account Management an article on using a toolkit the ‘Power Grid’ to sharpen focus and decision making.  Alistair Taylor, Managing Partner of Brightbridge Consulting, is a Board Member of the Association.

This hasn’t just been published – it’s been used with great impact serving a healthcare company.

The Power Grid is a simple and effective way of ensuring focus on key projects and activities when there is a high level of noise from changing requirements or heavy workloads. 

Under enormous pressures from COVID-19 and a host of other macro and local factors such as demographic changes, regulations and local directives on patient pathways, healthcare organisations are under pressure and continuously need to view ’the wood from the tree’s’.

The four boxes of the Power grid ask

  1. What we must emphasise?
  2. What we must overcome?
  3. What is the realistic assessment?
  4. Where must the focus of our activities be?

It has been deployed to guide large scale, complex selling campaigns and challenging, negotiations but in this organisation its deployed and reviewed daily to ensure activities are focused on meeting the needs of the key stakeholders, the health -care organisations ‘customers’.

For further information please contact us or take a look at the Associations website