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We have helped top companies across business sectors take their customer development to the next level. Whether you require a long-term plan or a quick boost, we can build an efficient mix of consultancy, value development workshops, coaching and bespoke training to meet your business challenges.  


TEVAL® is a Framework for Joined-Up Customer Development


Our acclaimed TEVAL® framework blends best practice from strategic marketing, key account management, value focused selling, customer focus and leadership development.

Whilst your need may centre on one or two elements of TEVAL®, we’ll help you take a joined-up approach that builds success.


TEVAL Framework for Key Account Management Training


  • Target: Building the programme and business case: selecting key customer/client and sector targets: road-mapping critical success factors: crafting inspiring account plans: delivering milestones of success.
  • Engage: Achieving competitive advantage through customer intimacy:  connecting with decision makers:  progressing customer/client relationships: developing internal engagement: developing the skills of leaders, account managers and teams.
  • Value: Mapping customer value: market insight and foresight: delivering compelling value propositions: differentiating with creativity: building and sustaining margin: delivering innovation: improving return-on investment:
  • Align: Developing a ‘customer first’ culture and mindset: operating rhythms: building effective cross functional teams: increasing productivity: collaborating with customers: driving unbeatable value delivery.
  • Learning: Continuous improvement: embedding better practices: 3 key performance metrics: developing ‘know-how’: sharing and co-creating with customers: celebrating success.


Specialist and Experienced Support


The consulting and training solutions we provide are pragmatic and tailored to your individual business.

Alistair Taylor is the Managing Partner at Brightbridge. Earlier in his career Alistair held senior leadership positions in top organisations leading highly successful key account programmes.

He also brings a decade of consulting and training experience. He has become a trusted advisor to senior leaders in sectors including technology, engineering, medical, food, beverage, professional services and manufacturing.  A Board member of The Association of Key Account Management (AKAM), Alistair brings strong connections.

Others members of the Brightbridge team bring strong account management, training and consulting experience. Each contributes particular skills and expertise to enhance the performance of key individuals and teams.

We’re professional and focused, as you’d expect, but we believe that being friendly and having a sense of humour are no barrier to achieving results.

Why not get in touch with us today and we’ll be pleased to tell you more.

Brightbridge work well with our teams across geographies.  We have sales and account managers of various experience levels. Dependent on the groups involved Brightbridge adapt the level of challenge and approach taken. This is very much appreciated by our senior group.   We value our new customer propositions and business development approaches and see tangible progress.

Tjerk Suurenbroek  Commercial Director: Market Leading International Services Group
  • Developing Your Skills

    Developing Skills with Tools and Processes

  • Strategies for Growth

    Creating Productive Strategies, Plans and Actions

  • Value and Margin Development

    Create Value, Compelling Propositions, Capture Profits

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