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Key Account Management is a strategic value driver. Work with the right accounts and shareholder value is created; apply value selling to built long term intimate relationships with customers and opportunities for growth continuously evolve.

Positively influencing customer perceptions of value is a cornerstone of great practice. Understand your customers range of alternatives, then ensure greater value is delivered for less! Competitive advantage comes through communicating the benefits clearly and concisely.

Effective ‘value pricing’ is achieved when customers know your offer/solution costs more but yet  still demand it. Disciplines, creative inputs and confidence are required to sustained such positioning.

Brightbridge provides workshops, training and consulting advice to take value management to the next level.

ACTIVITIES run at three levels: 1. Transform (Organisational)   2. Boost (Team)  3. Sharpen (Individual).



  • Identifying Value – Value is created by exceptional customer intimacy backed with strong operations and products. We work with you to identify key insights into what your customers really value. We share market intelligence and listen intently to the ‘voice of your customer’ to ascertain the desired customer experience.
  • Value Propositions – The best organisations have a clear value proposition. Strategically this may emanate from ‘product’, ‘operational’ or ‘relationship’ advantage. We bring frameworks and value selling to help you deliver differentiated offers that uniquely benefit your customers.
  • Metrics – We’ll help you understand whether actions generate shareholder value, whether key success factors are being addressed and how your future performance can be improved. Workshops, expert input and consulting advice.



  • Customising and Communicating Value Propositions – Each customer has its own requirements. We bring a structured approach for impact and differentiation. Our MDC +Q approach is developed through workshops. From engineering to healthcare and professional services it had received great credit through the results achieved.
  • Productivity – Customers demand quality, dependability and speed. Effective, aligned use of resource –  information, people, money and materials – is required to meet customer demand and internal profit targets. Workshops and Value selling training focus on this important area.
  • Co-creation – We design and facilitate co-working with key customers and suppliers to produce better results. Activities require careful planning. We bring problem solving, techniques of business creativity, ideation and top class facilitation.

Value Selling & Value Propositions


  • Pitch – We can work with you to prepare important presentations, adding insight and creativity and building your confidence to present the case using story-telling techniques and expert objection handling. We’ll guide you to win bids strengthening your case, addressing procurement, building options and cementing agreements.
  • Best practices – Its sometimes overlooked but it’s a good investment to update customers on the successes jointly delivered and embed internal best practice. We’ll help you develop case studies and short sharp e-communications that ‘shout’ about key benefits and proven approaches to deploy. Let’s keep raising performance.


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The eleven compelling value propositions that Brightbridge developed with our senior team and then trained across the group have made a tangible and significant improvement to our results. We have a new clarity and confidence.

Colin Leyden, UK Managing Director Falck Safety Services Group
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