Quantifying Value

Taking a value-based approach with your customers

Even within the same industry, different customers will value different things.  For some, dependability trumps innovation. For others, fast payback is more important than return on investment.  Understanding how your customers operate and what is important to them is essential for building progressive commercial relationships.  

In reality the situation is often more complex. Whilst your customer’s corporate strategy may be clear, frequently the way that various locations, departments and key individuals within the organisation operate lacks consistency.  Your business must be agile, adapting to meet such variations.

You’re likely to have expertise the customer doesn’t. This enables you to see implications of changes in the marketplace and opportunities the customer misses; such insights are the starting-point for evaluating and progressing new opportunities.

We can help you get to grips with your customers’ decision making processes and build a deep understanding of the alternative options they have to meet your supply requirements.

How we can help

  • We’ll guide you on how to take a value-based approach with your customers and enhance margins. We’ll ensure your team understand and deploy concepts such as total costs of ownership, total value delivered and return on investment.
  • Deploying our frameworks and value mapping will highlight where value is created in your customer’s’ value chain, revealing opportunities.  
  • We’ll help you ask the right questions to understand what is most valued by your customer to interpret and act off this.
  • We’ll provide you with simple but powerful ways of presenting a compelling value case to your customer.  This will raise your credibility and enable your customer to support the added-value you provide.
  • We’ll guide you to optimise your pricing strategy to win more profitable business.

Brightbridge provided workshops and training covering value selling, persuasive techniques and business development. We’ve rolled these out to European locations. The feedback is consistently excellent. Even our most experienced sales and account managers see these as adding real value. Most importantly we see the results with our customers

Cary Martin, Sales and Marketing Director Professional Training Organisation
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