Value and Margin Development

Create Value, Compelling Propositions, Capture Profits

Brightbridge believes profit margins are the most revealing measure of a business. Strong margins are delivered and sustained only by providing key customers with exceptional value that they knowingly and somewhat willingly pay a premium for.

By understanding how your customer gains value, developing your positioning, propositions and pricing, and clearly communicating the benefits you’ll win more business.  There is a need to do so consistently.

Quantifying Value

Understanding the value your customers gain from addressing their problems and opportunities provides the foundation for quantifying the added value your solutions provide. It takes time, effort and fresh thinking to build a picture of the costs you can save for your customers, the risks you reduce or the benefits for their sales that you enable; such effort is rewarded.

We can help you quantify the added value over the alternative options. Such insights will also help you determine optimal pricing.

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Financial Evaluation

In many cases, people involved in customer decisions hold different perspectives.  Some may require compliance to procurement rules, others the best technical solution, another supply chain dependability.

Whilst these differences need to be addressed, having a robust financial case brings everyone to the ‘same page’.   Building such a case requires value-based insight, strong customer relationships and commercial acumen.

Quantifying the monetary benefits is also essential to optimise the pricing you deploy.

Do customers appreciate the £/$/€ value you deliver or are you unnecessarily losing business or margin because your proposals and pricing strategies are not robust?

Creating A Powerful Value Proposition

Your offers to key customers need to produce better returns than they would receive from other suppliers or carrying out activities themselves.

Powerful value propositions move you to ‘preferred supplier status’, a position from which you and your customer may collaborate closely to develop further such solutions.

We will help you clearly communicate the motivating points of differentiation that your organisation, products and services provide, cementing your status and securing the profit margins you deserve.

The eleven compelling value propositions that Brightbridge developed with our senior team and then trained across the group have made a tangible and significant improvement to our results. We have a new clarity and confidence.

Colin Leyden, UK Managing Director Falck Safety Services Group
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  • Value and Margin Development

    Create Value, Compelling Propositions, Capture Profits

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