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At Brightbridge, we believe that commercial success is linked to focusing on high worth customers and then creating and executing winning strategies to maximise your market share with such customers.

This requires suppliers to determine proactively which customers they are most able to grow with. Your big customers of today may not necessarily be your best customers for tomorrow.

It also demands that consideration is given as how to more efficiently manage other non-key-account customers and how to take advantage of one-off opportunities.

The selection of key customer targets and the development of customer strategies, with well-developed lines of attack, are core elements of our consultancy service.

We can help a blended approach across three areas.

1. Identifying High Worth Customers

Let’s face it, some customers are strategically more important to you than others. The so called 80/20 rule, which suggests that 80% of profit can come from just 20% of customers, is in many cases too extreme, but it underlines that relatively few customers are often critical to success.

A disciplined critique of your customers can be revealing.  Your largest customers could in fact be the most demanding, price-driven and subject to delays, whilst emerging customers may present far stronger commercial potential.

Are you prioritising actions behind those customers best positioned to deliver your corporate growth and profit objectives?  Where are your best people deployed? Is there alignment between your selling and supply teams?

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2. Crafting Winning Competitive Strategies

Attractive customers appeal to many suppliers.  Whether you’re seeking to expand from a strong position, retain your share of wallet, or dislodge a competitor, it’s important to consider what’s required to be your target customers best bet.

For tactical wins this requires intelligent positioning of your product or service propositions.

For bigger plays – to become their preferred first choice supplier – a comprehensive campaign of establishing differentiation, building customer advocacy, together with creating and capturing value will be required.

Through ‘road-mapping’ approaches we can help guide you to make the right ‘plays’. Will help you determine key insights and foresights and lay out the right strategic thrusts to win. This may involve operating across channels, new service development, strategic selling and new levels of collaboration. Managing the sales of ongoing commodities whilst you reinvigorate your portfolio is another practical consideration.

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3. High Impact Account Planning

Having identified customers that are key to your success, high quality account planning helps guide the focus of investment to deliver top results.

If you are new to account planning, we’ll recommended initially concentrating on 2 to 5 ‘pilot’ accounts. This approach will deliver clear insights, opportunities and drive more powerful actions.

Planning drives better actions. We bring approaches to stretch planning but which avoid over-analysis. Seeking a long term vision, an annual target and giving a heavy focus to the next three months actions, is core to this approach. We offer training, coaching and hands on support.

We’ll help drive planning so it’s a dynamic approach with senior buy in, regular updates and high levels of engagement.


Brightbridge provided workshops and training covering value selling, persuasive techniques and business development. We’ve rolled these out to European locations. The feedback is consistently excellent. Even our most experienced sales and account managers see these as adding real value. Most importantly we see the results with our customers

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