Processes and Measurement

Select the right management processes and tools for your team

By using the best practice tools and processes we can accelerate the results of our development initiatives. The right disciplines add value and allow your skills to flourish.

With links to developed toolkits and the latest expert thinking, we’ll select the management tools and processes that work for you. We have many years of experience working with large complex multi-nationals so we understand how to utilise these and make them fit with your organisation’s processes and structure.

When it comes to measuring the impact of training and development a simple metric is called for.

Market share, the margins you receive and the strength of your pipeline of opportunities are all important metrics, but they are influenced by many factors.

We find that the best measure is revenue impact. We’ll ask your team, and sometimes the customer, to identify and assess how new skills have contributed.


Identifying Successes


Structured feedback about experiences and business gains can be used to demonstrate strong returns on your training investment. If results do not hit the mark, such insights enable us to make adjustments to deliver the required improvement.

When the adoption of better practices begins to boost your revenue, we will help your managers communicate these new practices across their teams, encouraging wider application.  

It’s also important to communicate success back to your customers. Regular reviews with key accounts showing how you have delivered value will act to increase customer confidence.  Whilst all suppliers promise value to customers, few regularly take the time to show key customers that the promised value has been realised. If you’re regularly doing this, it will be a powerful factor in securing the customer’s vote.


How we can help

  • Through workshops, training and consulting, we’ll provide appropriate tool-kits to help you build processes that take your account management to the next level.
  • We’ll help you embed these as disciplines to drive success.
  • At the outset of your activities, we’ll provide ideas on how success is best measured.
  • We’ll demonstrate to your management teams and your customers the results that have been achieved.
  • We’ll help build your know-how, highlighting the ‘best practices’ you should repeat to boost results.

Through a challenging but highly productive process of account planning activities Brightbridge opened our eyes to new high value opportunities in our Key Accounts. They are now actively helping our leadership group to align the whole business around these.
We are now more focused and better equipped.

Dave Bovard Director Strategic Accounts, Market Leading Global Engineering Group
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