Blended Learning and Development

Optimise the delivery of development techniques

Finding the best way to deliver development activities is essential to maximise impact.

A full programme may be required to launch your key account management programme, or a short sharp activity may be enough to provide the uplift you require. Activities should always be fit for purpose.

It’s important to question whether this is just for account managers. To win major business with complex customers requires a team approach.  Training crosses functional teams through joint workshops can provide greater yields than ‘sales only’ development.

To magnify the value provided by external trainers’ we find it’s generally beneficial to also up weight coaching provided by your leaders and managers. This mix of internal and external support accelerates your performance gains.  

At Brightbridge, we recognise your approach needs to be pragmatic. Your team will no doubt carry tough revenue targets and have limited time to invest in developmental activities.  Benefits must outweigh the full ‘costs’ and we’ll make sure you find the balance.


A Variety Of Approaches


To embed your team’s learning we provide video reminders of techniques, skill building exercises and sharing of examples of how the new skills should be used in practice.

For geographically spread out teams, approaches other than ‘standard’ face to face development can play an important role. For these remote teams, our development programmes involve workbook with, video or teleconferencing, significantly reducing costs incurred whilst increasing speed and engagement.

Our experience confirms that the best ‘mix’ for your approach is every bit as important as focusing on the right skills and behaviours.


How we can help

  • We’ll help you determine the right programme of activities based on your needs and resources.
  • Our team are highly experienced at face to face training and workshop management. We’ve engaged with leadership teams, account teams, and cross-functional groups in many sectors and countries.
  • We can connect with your leaders and managers early, gaining their sponsorship and commitment to drive actions. We’ll build their skills as coaches too.
  • We are experienced in delivering training and development through video conferencing, providing customised video reminders and in designing exercises that directly link to your real-life opportunities and challenges.
  • Whether you require a programme or short sharp ‘event’ we’ll flex to best meet your needs.

The eleven compelling value propositions that Brightbridge developed with our senior team and then trained across the group have made a tangible and significant improvement to our results. We have a new clarity and confidence.

Colin Leyden, UK Managing Director Falck Safety Services Group
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    Developing Skills with Tools and Processes

  • Strategies for Growth

    Creating Productive Strategies, Plans and Actions

  • Value and Margin Development

    Create Value, Compelling Propositions, Capture Profits

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