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Advancing Skills: Progressive Key Account Training 

Talented, well organised people accelerate performance through Key Account Management, Strategic Marketing and focused Value Selling.  Brightbridge deliver this through Key Account Training.

Leaders of key accounts require capabilities that stretch beyond those of a sales leader. General business skills are ‘must-haves’ as strategic insight, team leadership, alignment and financial acumen drive profits and success. Strengths in programme and change management are also important.

Enhancing the capabilities of all account team members – including cross functional business managers and Executives – further strengthens customer intimacy.

Combining a tailored range of  development, talent assessment, workshops, key account training, coaching and deployment activities we’ll help you raise the impact of your actions.

CERTS framework for Key Account Training

ACTIVITIES run at three levels: 1. Transform  (Organisational)  2. Boost (Team)  3.  Sharpen (Individual)



  • Change programmes – When the need is for a step-change  we’ll work with you to deliver tailored multi-faceted programmes linked to our TEVAL ® framework. Addressing your requirements we’ll gain buy-in from leaders and teams to shift to higher performance.
  • Competency requirements – To focus your limited resources  we’ll help you develop a clear picture of the skills and capabilities required for success. In addition to customer facing skills, competence in business leadership, internal alignment and proficiency in profit management are required.
  • Assessment and focus areas – A clear view of the qualities of your team highlights gaps and opportunities. We run short sharp assessment activities with structured interviews, presentation tasks, role plays and emotional intelligence (EQi 2.0) profiling. These provide constructive feedback for all involved and a positive focus.



  • Strategic drive – Key Account Training and workshops drawing on insights, logical frameworks and creative examples enable your team to develop fresh customer focused strategies, strategic marketing and the customer focus that boosts results.
  • Training modules: New Skills for Account Management – We provide 1 and 2 day training modules covering: Customer focused leadership, Business development strategies, Driving productivity and profits, Leading high performance teams, Emotional intelligence, The ‘trusted advisor’.
  • Key Account Training modules: Advanced Selling – We’ll work with you to build  competency in Consultative selling, developing the skills to ‘Listen loudly’ and uncover new opportunities; we’ll help you build resilience and tenacity, and embed advanced negotiation practices.



  • Executive sponsorship – We  run short coaching sessions for business leaders and -account managers to help them get more from top-to-top interactions with the customers ‘C’ suite. We’ll cover preparation, alignment, hitting the sweet-spot, avoiding the ‘over-promise’ and gaining commitments.
  • Coaching – We are experienced at working individually with key account leaders and provide a new set of experienced eyes to consider options and address customer and internal challenges.


To find out more about any of these activities or how we can build an effective bespoke programme for your organisation please contact us at



Brightbridge provided workshops and training covering value selling, persuasive techniques and business development. We’ve rolled these out to European locations. The feedback is consistently excellent. Even our most experienced sales and account managers see these as adding real value. Most importantly we see the results with our customers

Cary Martin, Sales and Marketing Director Professional Training Organisation
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