Quarterly Update July – Sept. 2016

Key Account Management: Partnering with Procurement

Can key account managers and procurement leaders successful work cooperatively and creatively to find produce better outcomes for both parties?

This was one question considered at a recent gathering in Oslo, Norway of the Association of Key Account Management.

Brightbridge Consulting joined a group of 12 leading European practitioners, business leaders and academics to consider how procurement is evolving and to consider ‘what next?’.

Whilst recognising hurdles to value based relationships between key account suppliers and procurement teams, examples demonstrate significant benefits from earlier collaboration, risk management, innovation sourcing and blending customer and supplier relationship management.

For success, collaboration requires mature relationships, talented people and clearly managed expectations.  Take care!


Developing Customised Value Propositions

We’ve been working with a global leader in print supplies embedding a programme of activities to improve their key account management.   Recently with the top team of ten national and global account managers, we spent time developing more powerful value propositions.  The opportunity to distill customer requirements, key benefits and points of valued differentiation from complex detail into easily communicated presentations was welcomed by all.

When we initially asked the account managers to present a ‘complex’ propositions in just 50 words many looked surprised.  With a little work and support, they all agreed ended up pleasantly that fewer words can deliver far greater impact – a pleasant surprise!


Impact and Differentiation:  Marketing and Brand Communication

Marketing teams have a pivotal role to play in developing successful Strategic Account Management.  Brightbridge ran sessions in the US with the marketing team of a leading global industrial company considering how to bring their brand to life – sparking awareness, fuelling engagement and propelling advocacy.  Workshops were lively, ideas free flowing and outputs inspiring.

With clear differentiated brand values, brand attributes and a more confident ‘tone’ marketing communications to key customers and internal teams are about to become a whole lot more motivating, powerful and value creating.  More to follow…