October to December 2015

Autumn Boosters

The dictionary defines ‘booster’ as ‘a device for increasing power or effectiveness’.

To embed ‘Value Selling’ training activities, share best practices and build engagement for Key Account Management Brightbridge has recently produced a series of ‘boosters’ for Spirax Sarco, the leading global engineering group.

These include short videos to embed new skills that Key Account leaders and Sales Managers have practised in ‘Value Selling’ and ‘Key Account Management’ workshops.  The two minute videos included aspects of Value Propositions and Consultative Selling.

Together with the Spirax Sarco team we developed and communicated internal case studies of their Best Practices – covering challenges as well as successes.

‘Booster’ quizzes have also been created to support learning on best practice pricing and opportunity development. One approach which linked customer development to solving crimes raised both a few eyebrows and attention.

Although nothing beats face to face development and coaching activities we recognise Boosters to be an effective way of advancing the pace of progress between such activities.  More importantly our clients agree.


The changing and challenging face of Healthcare

With a strong National Health Service (NHS) the ‘Private’ sector of healthcare in the UK is relatively small when compared to many other countries.

The market can deliver good profitability but several strong Private Healthcare organisations fight for market share.

As well as direct revenues from Private patients, a further source of revenue and profit for such organisations is conducting work referred from the NHS.

Under the Government sponsored ‘choose and book’ scheme NHS patients are able to select to have their NHS treatment carried out in a Private Hospital.  The volume of such work and prices (‘Tariff) paid for such work is however coming under pressure.

We have been supporting a major player in UK Private Healthcare to evaluate and consider its commercial strategy.  Looking at its sources of competitive advantage, its value propositions, relationship status with key decision makers and capabilities has created new and attractive options.  These are currently being explored and action plans created.


Building a higher level of Emotional Intelligence

We often hear from Key Account, Sales and Human Resource Directors that Key Account Managers and Sales Managers need to have high EQ (emotional intelligence).

We too believe high EQ is a key success factor for such managers. Emotional intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills the influence how people express themselves, deal with customers and colleagues, take decisions and build confidence.

The good news is that whereas personality traits tend to be stable over time EQ can continue to develop.

There are many factors that support it and behaviours related to it.

To build deeper understanding and capabilities in this area we recently became qualified to deliver EQ-i 2.0 self-assessments, EQ 360 and to provide coaching and feedback to those who participate.  Linking this work to our deep understanding of required ‘Key Account Management’ and ‘Consultative/ Solution Selling’ competencies will we believe help our clients optimise deployment and development of pivotal positions.