Meeting up?

We are supporting the development of various activities through The Association for Key Account Management and Technological University Dublin, supported by Pfizer.

A variety of coaching and training activities are in occurring with a reengagement with Warwick Business School in September and the Autumn.

The Global programme for Vetoquinol is complete and is being rolled out.  We now look forward to booked engagements with the development of leadership and furtherance of account plans this Autumn.

We are now engaging with middle Management in our UK engineering client.  A face-to-face meeting is planned!

An issue we are not surprisingly seeing is that our customers own clients have stayed with virtual conversations and for lower value sales appear to be increasingly bypassing conversations and going straight for a decision on supplier and placement of the order. 

This reduction of customer contact is a significant challenge.  It makes understanding and communicating value far more difficult – (It was challenging already)

The Research group Gartner have recently reported that 70.3% of business-2-business sellers find gaining access to key stakeholders, particularly ‘key decision makers’ as a top ‘virtual’ challenge and also report that many buyers no longer wish to see sales at all. 

We haven’t come up with a magic new formula to overcome this yet return to an emphasis on helping our own clients: –

  • Firstly, clearly understand the value they can bring,
  • adopt shorter sharper communications,
  • blend sales and marketing approaches
  • use mixed media approaches.
  • focusing on what they have to offer that is unique and
  •  ensue communications are timely

Different and creative approaches are required.

Of course, asking the customer, if you can, how you can best bring more value in this new business environment’ is, as ever, a good start-point.   

Yesterday’s recipes for success may well not work. New and distinctive ones are required with an emphasis on communications which are shorter, sharper and more easily seen.