Internal Team Effectiveness

Critical Success Factors for Key Account Management

A Webinar Led by Alistair Taylor – Managing Partner at Brightbridge, with Diana Woodburn, Chairperson of the Association for Key Account Management

26th September 2019

Would your key account management activities deliver higher performance if your internal teamwork improved?  Could extra opportunities be uncovered and would expensive internal inefficiencies, e.g. duplication of work, or focusing on the wrong activities, be reduced?

Would customers be more attracted to you?

It’s very revealing that when key customers answer why they select one key supplier over others they very often first refer to the quality of the suppliers team, the alignment, know-how and efficiency. Team quality, often sits above superior products or lower acquisition prices.

Now of course teamwork in key account management can be complicated. Many parties might be involved in dealing with a key customer, perhaps from different functions and geographies. It may be that the reality is the different parts of your organisation are also driven by and rewarded for, different goals, factors that can diminish true alignment.

There are many challenges, but with a high pay-off from delivering improvement, teamwork should be given proper attention.

On the 26th September through a 1 -hour Association for Key Account Management (AKAM) webinar we’ll start to explore some of the practices that can help key account teams perform better.

We’ll draw on best practice models developed through research and links to practical examples.

We’ll show how great teamwork starts at the top and that organisation values backed with operating rhythms are vital for success.  Technology has an increasing role too.

Questions we’ll consider include:

  • Who is in your team, and how does the team stay aligned?
  • How are your leaders actively engaged with in key account management teams?
  • How can your team create more value?

If this is of interest, then please do join us on the 26th September to start exploring routes to driving better teamwork – ones that can bring benefits to your organisation and to your customers too.

Please sign up through the Association for Key Account Management website