Design Thinking for Professionals

To help our client, a Professional Service Firm, enhance relationships with their own clients we have deployed elements of Design Thinking and Customer Experience Mapping.

 Based on their client feedback, the Partners stated that their approach to clients had been ‘designed from our own narrow perspective’.

 An approach which empowered the clients more and originated from a client perspective would help build more engaged, loyal clients, enhancing life-time value.

We set about identifying and mapping the interactions between key clients and the firm and additionally the key connections required internally between the experts and support staff employed.

Through considering how far, or not, the Firm reached in to understand its clients full needs and how such customers felt treated throughout their interactions with the Firm, we revealed many areas of strengths and a few priority areas for change.

A key area we have been asked to continue to advise and support is related to the desired move to have the Firm manage client relationships rather than have individual experts or Partners regard that they themselves ‘own’ such relationships.   As one of the partners noted ‘We require better collaboration internally, to have better collaboration externally’.  Design thinking is changing mindsets and approaches for the better.