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Value Selling

The Client

We helped Wavin, the civil engineering group, develop the sales and behaviours for effective ‘Value Selling’. Wavin is a market leading company that provides effective solutions for the essential needs of daily life; including: distribution of drinking water, sustainable management of wastewater and effective heating and cooling. With sales and manufacturing operations in 26 European countries, revenue exceeds £1bn. Customers include: building and civil wholesalers, plumbing merchants, housing developers, large installers and utility companies.

10 out of 10, very productive and highly practical.

Course Attendees, Wavin

The Need

Wavin positions itself as delivering market superior products and specification services that are bespoke to meet particular customer needs. To secure such solutions, customers can be required to pay premium prices. Such customers need to be totally convinced that such investment is in their best interests. Creating better solutions requires insight, creativity and excellent communication skills. Wavin required an upgrade of such skills and behaviours for its sales team.

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    Deliver Value

The Solution

Working with Wavin’s Sales and HR leaders, we co-created a bespoke, high impact training programme. Focused on value propositions and justifying price the activities included: planning, questioning, building customer relationships and presenting. Role plays (with filming) and application to live projects were key elements. In advance of the ‘core’ training’ managers of the sales team experienced a ‘pilot’ event, running through materials and exercises. These managers also received training on how best to coach their teams after the training to embed required behaviours. This built ownership, engagement and relevance. The main training was highly engaging with team-based competitions and exercises focused around live business issues. After each training module commitments to actions were collected from participants and followed up by managers. Directly following training we designed a series of ‘Booster’ activities to remind attendees of key learning. These included individual and team based tests and short creative ‘e-shot’ reminders of key tools and techniques.

The Results

The joined up approach undertaken by Wavin, involving line managers as well the participants, was at the heart of the success of this programme. Strong feedback received from participants identified that the training programme had made key contributions towards winning business, achieving pricing objectives and supporting customer needs. The activities improved confidence and sharing across the team.