Improving Your Productivity


Active leadership is vital to embed the changes that are required in your approach.  Moving from product focus to customer centricity, from a sales-based approach to an organisational approach can deliver transformational results, but it does require overcoming significant hurdles.

Given you’re likely to have limited resources it’s vital to select and manage the right areas within your customer’s business, work on the right projects and avoid duplication of efforts or late scrambles to meet requirements. Costs and resources need careful management.


Effective Change Management Programmes


Change management tools can support the effective and efficient implementation of your programme.

We believe this should include regular leadership involvement, a clear vision and the effective communication of small success stories on a frequent basis. All of this will help you as a supplier deliver better and faster results to your key customers.

Having an internal champion for key account management, someone you is dedicated to the role and a respected leader, can accelerate the take-up of required actions and delivery of related results.


Efficiently Managing Activities


Strong cross-functional (or cross-practice), engagement is generally required to deliver projects on time and cost effectively. Excellent project management is therefore essential for complex projects such as these.

We can help implement clear internal processes for project hand-overs between departments and ‘lean’ processes, which will avoid duplicating activities and wasting materials.  

Such actions reduce your costs, improve productivity and result in better solutions for your customers too.


How we can help

  • We can work with your leadership team, setting up change disciplines, steering teams and corralling the engagement required to effectively propel your change management programme.
  • With our bespoke tool-kits you’ll be able to prioritise the highest potential commercial opportunities and prospects. We’ll provide training to help your teams better investigate real potential and risks.
  • We’ll provide cross functional workshops to improve your internal alignment and the execution of your major customer initiatives.  
  • We’ll help you identify and analyse activities and touchpoints with your customer, highlighting opportunities for you to reduce inputs, lower costs and deliver greater efficiencies and margin.
  • We’ll help you efficiently and effectively run all your key account projects, improving your productivity and business results.

Brightbridge provided workshops and training covering value selling, persuasive techniques and business development. We’ve rolled these out to European locations. The feedback is consistently excellent. Even our most experienced sales and account managers see these as adding real value. Most importantly we see the results with our customers

Cary Martin, Sales and Marketing Director Professional Training Organisation
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