Powerful Value Propositions

Quantify your value and boost sales

Top organisations have a ‘high level’ value proposition that illuminates their advantages over competitors. This acts as a promise of what your organisation delivers.

Communicating a clear ‘organisational’ value proposition leads your customers to appreciate your value and to instate you as a preferred supplier – one who is the first choice for their major projects.  

Our ‘product and service’ value propositions will highlight the advantages your solutions will bring against a specified need.  When tailored to your customer’s circumstances, such propositions provide a sharp and compelling case for your offer.  


Your Organisational Proposition


Significant advantages are gained by becoming a ‘preferred’ supplier.  As your customer’s first choice, you are at the front of the queue when it comes to receiving information about opportunities and collaborating on key initiatives.  You’ll be able to influence the scoping of your customer’s requirements and position entry barriers that your competitors will struggle to overcome.

So why should a key customer select your organisation as their preferred option? Perhaps you offer unrivalled expertise, the most extensive global service network or top capabilities for innovation. Or maybe your market and customer insight is second to none. 

Your customer’s decisions relating to the purchasing of your products and services will be influenced by how your organisation is categorised.  A strong organisational proposition sets a pathway for strong commercial returns.


Product And Service Propositions


Customers have limited funding for investment in services and products.

By developing short clear statements that raise the customer’s perception of the added value you provide, you’ll be able to motivate them to make decisions in your favour.  

It takes time, discipline and creativity to craft such propositions and this is where we come in. Remember, it’s not about what you offer – it is about what the customer gains as a result.  


How we can help

  • We’ll help you gather insight to understand your customer real needs.  Consultative approaches and ‘Voice of the Customer’ techniques can open up hidden potential.
  • Through workshops we’ll help you develop compelling communications that set your organisation apart, motivating your customer to select you as their first choice.
  • Through workshops using our M,D,C+Q Framework, we’ll help you customise value propositions for your most important products.  We’ll guide you to think creatively so your propositions are clearly differentiated from your competitors.

Value Selling & Value Propositions

  • We’ll support you to quantify the value that you offer, so that your customer can take a relatively easy and rational decision.
  • Practice makes perfect and we’ll make sure you’re confident to present propositions, push aside objections and drive the success you require.  

Brightbridge provided workshops and training covering value selling, persuasive techniques and business development. We’ve rolled these out to European locations. The feedback is consistently excellent. Even our most experienced sales and account managers see these as adding real value. Most importantly we see the results with our customers

Cary Martin, Sales and Marketing Director Professional Training Organisation
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