Value and Margin Management


At Brightbridge we believe that profit margins are the most decisive measure of a business. Strong margins are delivered by providing your key customers with exceptional value that they knowingly and willingly pay a premium for.

By understanding how your customer gains value, developing your positioning and pricing, and clearly communicating the benefits you provide, you’ll win more business.
Quantifying the added value that you can bring your customers and implementing this into a convincing proposition is a key element of our fully integrated consultancy service here at Brightbridge

We’ve broken this process into three distinct action hubs.


Quantifying Value


Understanding the value your customers gain, from addressing problems and opportunities, will provide the foundation for quantifying the added value your solutions provide. It takes time, effort and fresh thinking to build a picture of the costs you save, risks you reduce or the benefits for their sales that you produce, but such effort is rewarded.

We can help you quantify the added value you provide over the alternative options, meaning you’ll be well placed to win your key customers more business. Such insights will also help you determine optimal pricing.

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Creating A Powerful Value Proposition


Your relationships with key customers need to produce better returns than they would receive from other suppliers.

A powerful value proposition can move you to ‘preferred supplier status’, a position from which you and your customer can work together closely to create supreme solutions.

We will help you clearly communicate the motivating points of differentiation that your organisation, products and services provide, cementing your status and securing the profit margins you deserve.

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Improving Your Productivity


Active leadership is essential to get the best from a key account management programme. Regular management steering and decision making is a characteristic of a successful strategy, clearing hurdles and focusing actions to accelerate business gains.

Of course, success isn’t only about increasing revenues; costs must be contained.
As commercial implications change at every turn, we will help you make the continuous adjustments required to match your limited resources to the right customers and projects.  More efficient prioritisation and practices will build internal alignment to improve execution and reduce spend.  All this results in improved customer advocacy and margins.

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The eleven compelling value propositions that Brightbridge developed with our senior team and then trained across the group have made a tangible and significant improvement to our results. We have a new clarity and confidence.

Colin Leyden, UK Managing Director Falck Safety Services Group
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