High Impact Account Planning


Account planning is undertaken by suppliers to create deep understanding of markets, customers and opportunities for improved commercial performance.  

It is a continuous discipline that investigates the customers demand for products and services, their future requirements and the impact of pricing and delivery.  It enables suppliers to make informed decisions about the level of financial, people and information resources they commit and helps the planning of supply management.

When clearly communicated, such plans build internal alignment across your teams enabling unbeatable execution.

By treating each key account as a business within your business, we’ll guide you to create rich account plans that give unique insights into emerging requirements. We’ll analyse how their value chain operates, how to simplify the customer experience, whether you have the right people involved and the part new products play in delivering growth.  


Planning for the Future


Plans should evaluate future scenarios.  How will changes in the economy, technology, regulation or their own competitors impact on your target customers?  What plans do they have to move into different geographies or market sectors? What is their future strategy for dealing with suppliers? Who is involved in decision making now and who will be involved in the future?  

By working through such questions with you we’ll make sure you’re fully equipped to make the most of future changes.


How we can help

  • We will guide high quality account planning using our established 12-step framework*. This poses vital questions, the answers to which provide the ingredients for growth.
  • As plans are being developed we’ll coach and support your account managers to shape and sharpen their thinking.  Across workshops or ‘online’ sessions we will stretch and develop fresh thinking.
  • We’ll help you develop high impact action plans.  The strength of the account plan will be judged by the actions and outcomes it produces.
  • Shorter plans are sweeter.  We help you achieve leadership sign-off and ongoing support.
  • Account planning shouldn’t be a one-off exercise. We’ll help you embed an account planning process with milestones, decision points and updates. This is a core process within the key account management approach and one that contributes to stronger outcomes.


* Account Plans: Brightbridge’s 12-point Framework

The key headings:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Market and Customer Performance
  3. Customer Drivers
  4. Competitive Environment
  5. Current Programmes
  6. Options for Growth
  7. Developing Relationships
  8. Investment Requirements
  9. Hurdles and Risks
  10. Beyond 2020
  11. Revenue and Profit Targets
  12. Action Plan Monitor

Brightbridge work well with our teams across geographies.  We have sales and account managers of various experience levels. Dependent on the groups involved Brightbridge adapt the level of challenge and approach taken. This is very much appreciated by our senior group.   We value our new customer propositions and business development approaches and see tangible progress.

Tjerk Suurenbroek  Commercial Director: Market Leading International Services Group
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    Developing Skills with Tools and Processes

  • Strategies and Market Share

    Sculpted strategies to maximise your profit

  • Value and Margin Management

    Boost margins by presenting a valued service

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