Skills, Tools And Processes

Develop the Right Skills to Progress with your Customers

Winning in competitive environments requires best-in-class selling skills but key account management demands more than this. Business management skills are needed to develop progressive relationships with your customers decision-makers, to develop value and to coordinate your internal resources to execute key programmes.

Being clear on the objectives of your skills development is a vital first step.   Creatively developing the right solution for your budget follows on from this.

The continuous development of the right skills, in the right way, is therefore essential and the third area of our consultancy service.

At Brightbridge, we can help you use the right tools to turn your new-found skills into effective behaviours that deliver a shift in results. Such results can, and should, be measured.

We’ve broken our skills and training consultancy service into three action hubs.


Developing The Right Skills


To obtain the best return on investment from our skills development programme we must understand your challenges.  What are your goals and overall strategies? What are key hurdles and skill gaps?

Is it that sales conversion when you pursue business too low? Do you need to develop different customer relationships or a is new business model required? Perhaps your processes stop your team deploying the skills they have?

‘Off the shelf’ development programs, based on best practices, do have their place but customised and bespoke approaches can deliver a lot more.

We provide an extensive suite of one and two-day training modules and supporting materials that can be blended to meet your priority needs.

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Blended Learning And Development


Defining clear objectives is a ‘must-have’ and your learning and development approach warrants careful consideration. The right training programme may require short and sharp workshops covering, for example, advanced selling. Or perhaps you’ll need a blended programme of workshops, videos, conferences, exercises on live business opportunities and management coaching.

If you have a global team, one of our online programmes could prove the most effective, cost-efficient and engaging approach.

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Processes and Measurement


Processes and toolkits empower you to put your team’s newly acquired skills and capabilities into practice. Whether it’s developing strategy, value propositions or coordinating teams, we’ll provide you with the best practice approaches, that we’ve developed over many years of working with top businesses, universities and thought leaders.  

The accepted adage is ‘what gets measured, gets done’.  With clear objectives, the results of your skills programmes can be measured and the right steps taken to accelerate the growth of key customer accounts.  

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The eleven compelling value propositions that Brightbridge developed with our senior team and then trained across the group have made a tangible and significant improvement to our results. We have a new clarity and confidence.

Colin Leyden, UK Managing Director Falck Safety Services Group
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